The Africa Season

I am because we are.

Waiting is the Worst

I can't believe my one month vision trip to Kenya is almost over.  90% of me wishes that I was staying.  That I could buy the car and set up the house and just start the business of living in... Continue Reading →

Same old, same old amazement.

I'm back on a porch, a back porch this time, reconnecting with my roots.  My roots are humid... I'm coming to the end of a transitional week in my home state of Arkansas.  I've sold my home, finished the school... Continue Reading →

The humility of receiving.

I'm slowly transitioning into intentional fundraising.  I've actually paid a company to train me on how to best go about raising support.  The goal is to gather the partners God is calling into ministry with me for monthly, ongoing, foundation,... Continue Reading →

Remember this.

I'm inching ever closer to having my feet firmly in two worlds: America and Kenya. This weekend, a good majority of my worldly possessions were shipped to Arkansas for safe keeping, sold or donated.  I'm sleeping the last week in... Continue Reading →

Flashing Lights in the Sky

The past year an a half has been the hardest time of my life.  The consequences of going my own way and ignoring God's warnings brought me to a rock bottom of sorrow and confusion.  It was at that gracious... Continue Reading →

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When God calls, do you go?

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