I’m back on a porch, a back porch this time, reconnecting with my roots.  My roots are humid…

I’m coming to the end of a transitional week in my home state of Arkansas.  I’ve sold my home, finished the school year, legally transferred my residency out of Illinois, and on Monday I fly out for my first month in Kenya.  Towards the end of my time in IL, I began to feel lethargic and bored.  I was going through the motions.  Still, I heard God whispering, “just get there, just get there”.  I’m still not there.

This week, I’ve eaten some of my favorite food in preparation.  Shout out to Shotgun Dan’s Pizza, Dixie Cafe (I could eat my body weight in baked squash), Maddie’s Place (pictured is cajun grilled salmon with garlic grits and stewed okra!), and Sunday night–Sushi!


Hopefully the featured image of my view off the back porch gives  a tiny taste of the natural beauty that is Arkansas.  Yesterday, June 2nd, I was marveling at the variety of green I’ve gotten to look at each morning this week.  There are so many shades and variations.  It’s been a gift to slow down and really look around me.  Later yesterday, I was sorting through my few remaining material belongings and came across my journal from last summer.  I kept a journal of almost every day between May 28 and August 31.  I turned to June 2nd out of curiosity and read:


On the one hand, perhaps I’m a really dull person to continue to be obsessed with the same natural phenomena.  On the other hand, what a weird closed circle to have the same delightful experience of joy and wonder on the same day exactly one year apart and to be aware of it.

I wonder what my life will look like next June 2nd?