The Africa Season

I am because we are.



The New Kid(s)

"We all speak three languages. We've all travelled over seas. We all are wearing the color black. We all like to eat chicken." I sat, listening to representatives from the entire high school share a list of things everyone in... Continue Reading →

Here’s to the next “Today”.

I can't even with my nephew. He's the absolute best. His newest trick is to tell me, "You're pretty" randomly. He likes to play nap-time and shoot me so I come back as a monster. I get to see him... Continue Reading →

Finding Freedom

Entry Gate on Robben Island It was 2010. I was sitting in the living room of my first apartment confused as to why American World History textbooks consistently allotted a single unit at best and a single chapter at worst... Continue Reading →

Yelling at Monkeys

Some choose years, some choose chapters, I choose seasons to group my life experiences. If my first six months in Kenya were "Just The Beginning", then my second six months were "Drought" as I spent at least half without running... Continue Reading →

Get Curious

When you're right in the middle of it. When it hurts. When you don't know if you can hold on one more second. Instead of giving up, can you get curious? Can you try a new perspective? Can you take... Continue Reading →

Lessons in Generosity (pt 2)

One of the greatest lessons God is teaching me in Kenya is how to be generous. I'm surrounded by people who are generous with their time, their energy, their love, their forgiveness, their space, their food, and their money! At... Continue Reading →

Moving in Kenya: only the traffic stops.

In my family, we used to say that Dad had a five-year-itch when it came moving houses. I went to college and my parents stayed for sixteen+ years in their current home. We realized that we moved every five years... Continue Reading →

Stop the Strive

While on silent retreat in mid-December, I visited an art gallery. Yes, the convent/working farm/dairy/retreat center is also home to an art gallery. The second story viewing space proudly displays the work of Sister Jeanne who tells stories through metal,... Continue Reading →

Just a Camaro in the woods.

"I've got you in a 2018 red Camaro."  The Hertz employee, Mike, didn't look up from his computer screen. "Yeah, right!"  I snorted.  I'm thirty-two.  You can't fool me.  I know the manager-choice option through Expedia gave me access to... Continue Reading →

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