I’m slowly transitioning into intentional fundraising.  I’ve actually paid a company to train me on how to best go about raising support.  The goal is to gather the partners God is calling into ministry with me for monthly, ongoing, foundation, sacrificial support.

It’s hard for me.

For God, it’s just another day at the office.  He’s really good at his job.

A few weeks ago, after church, I took the opportunity to visit with a friend who I hadn’t gotten to see in a while.  She asked how fundraising was going.  I told her about the training and the research and the goals.  All of a sudden her face lit up,

“God just answered a prayer!” she exclaimed.  I furrowed my brow and tilted my head a-la confused pug.  “I’ve been praying about how to support you.  I support another missionary and I want to be able to match that contribution, but I wasn’t sure where it was going to come from.”  she explained.  “But I have this opportunity to take on a part-time job [in addition to a full-time job] and my tithe from that will go to you!  It’s perfect!”

I was stunned.

I know this woman.  She is not wealthy.  She is coming out of a difficult circumstance and just beginning to heal and rebuild.  My immediate reaction was to try and stop her.  To tell her that she needed to keep that money for herself.  God would understand.  Surely God has partners for me where I won’t be such a financial burden!  I wasn’t worthy of this sacrifice.

I was kept silent, most assuredly by the Spirit.  In fact, I couldn’t say anything at all.  I just cried.  And she cried.  We do that sometimes.

Eventually I squeaked out, “Thank you”.  I took note of the joy and peace and downright radiance of her face.  She is so excited to do this with me.  That resonates.

This was a fantastic lesson: God has called me to sacrifice a lot of my worldly desires and goals to move to Kenya.  I in no way consider it a loss when I compare to what this adventure has been and will be.  How could I rob that joy from someone else because I’m feeling unworthy?  It was and will never be about me.

It’s about saying “YES!” to what our awesome God calls us to and the reaping the humbling and abundant reward.