I’m inching ever closer to having my feet firmly in two worlds: America and Kenya.

This weekend, a good majority of my worldly possessions were shipped to Arkansas for safe keeping, sold or donated.  I’m sleeping the last week in my house on a mattress on the floor.  I also had the opportunity to meet, face to face, the board of directors and connect with some staff from Oasis for Orphans.  It was so encouraging to hear how God has been developing this passion for orphan care for many years and in many hearts.

It’s a lot to process.

The past is gone; I can’t go back even if I wanted.  The future is still fraught with question marks I have no answers to.  And the present is…weird.

But the weather is awesome!  I got to drive around yesterday with the sun roof open!  As I shifted smoothly between gears and felt the wind in my hair I had an “ah-ha” moment.

I exchanged my adorable red Nissan Sentra for my father’s manual Subaru Forrester at Christmas because cars in Kenya are all standard (also driven on the left side of the road, but I won’t practice that here).  The first few weeks I was scared to drive.  I felt a tingle of anxiety every time I opened the garage door.  I didn’t know how many times I’d stall.  How many guffawing onlookers I’d have to endure.  How many times I’d do something wrong or look stupid.

Reveling in the WARM February breeze,  I realized I hadn’t felt nervous to drive in several weeks.  I’m not ready for Formula One, but I’m comfortable.

The “ah-ha” moment: this is how so many things will be in Kenya.

Making friends, doing laundry, going grocery shopping will all be new, yet something I previously felt proficient at.  What an awesome lesson to have here and now:  I will be anxious, I will practice, it will get better.

I want to remember this.

Father, thank you for all you are doing during this time to prepare me for our next adventure together.  Thank you for the friends and family who are helping me prepare, as well.  Help me and everyone to remember that today we are right where you need us to be, learning the lessons you have for us to learn so that we can glorify you and serve others.  Amen.