The Africa Season

I am because we are.

Lessons in Generosity.

I used to joke that God would never allow me to become wealthy because I'm so stingy with money.  I'll give you my time and talents, but not my money.  I'm too German sometimes.  Then, God called me to a... Continue Reading →

Sweet Home.

It's been awhile. I came home for a six week trip that turned into eight and now nine weeks.  I've gotten to see spring come to the US three different times, dyed my hair twice, and spent a lot of... Continue Reading →

What Job Didn’t Know.

Ten days ago I wrote a blog post and entered into a number of conversations wherein I expressed the great freedom, healing, and joy God has given me in this present season.  I did so after God, in his Word... Continue Reading →

Changing my tune.

Lately, God has been telling me to share my joy.  Psalm 105:1 will phrase it this way, “make known his deeds among the peoples.”  I find myself hesitant to gush about how good life is and how joyful and happy... Continue Reading →

The first day of school

January 8th was the first day of school.  In Kenya, the new school year begins in January. For me, it was the first time to be on the other side of the desk, not as a student but as a...MOM!... Continue Reading →

What I Love

A friend and I recently thought we should change the old adage, "It isn't good; it isn't bad; it's just different." to "It isn't good; it isn't bad; it's just hard." when describing Kenya.  This only slightly references living outside... Continue Reading →

This is real, now.

Every traveler has this experience, even when the journey is not geographical.  You come to an event so far outside your comfort zone, so different from what you've known the world to be, that the very color of the sky... Continue Reading →

I wore high heals to Ngong Road.

I've spent the week in Nairobi for work.  I've gained five pounds (because of the good food), taken long showers (because the pressure is more than a medium trickle), and restarted my interval training (because the hills aren't strewn with... Continue Reading →

That time I locked myself out.

Maybe this is a new bit of Elaine trivia for you:  If I’m stressed out, I loose my keys.  It’s my “tell”.  I might appear cool, calm, and collected on the surface, but if I’ve lost my keys— I’ve lost... Continue Reading →

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