The Africa Season

I am because we are.

Look Up Child

I've been facedown in the dirt of my expectation and hope for about 10 months. I'm not standing back up yet.  But I may be in a seated position, clearing my head, looking around, taking deep breaths.  Taking stock.  I'm... Continue Reading →

Elaine’s guide to a positive Kenyan driving experience.

When asked what I miss the most about the US, I know I should say my family or my friends.  "Food" might even be an acceptable response.  But the truth is: I miss the roads.  I went to university 10.5... Continue Reading →


A child died. He got sick so fast.  We took him to two different hospitals.   He fought for a week.  His heart stopped and the doctors couldn't get it started again. The rains came the day he died.  They... Continue Reading →

The Land of a Thousand Hills

Africa is a continent comprised of 54 independent countries.  Let me humbly confess that while understanding this intellectually, in practice I thought all African countries were pretty much the same.  So embarrassing.  I have nothing but total ignorance and prejudice... Continue Reading →


When I first arrived in Kenya, The Shelter site boasted this one baby boy.  He was the prince of the entire compound.  He has the temperament of an 80 year old man.  Habitually serious, his smile in this picture is... Continue Reading →

Elaine’s guide to a positive pit-latrine experience.

Life in Kenya has offered me many unique experiences that I never ever (EVER) dreamed of having.  How to survive, and perhaps even enjoy, a pit latrine is the first I'd like to share. Be a man- literally, if you're... Continue Reading →

If at first.

I had the opportunity to go to Mombasa for a long weekend.  I'm not a beach person.  But, I've never seen the Indian Ocean and it seems like something to cross off a list.  Because I'm not a beach person,... Continue Reading →

Lessons in Generosity.

I used to joke that God would never allow me to become wealthy because I'm so stingy with money.  I'll give you my time and talents, but not my money.  I'm too German sometimes.  Then, God called me to a... Continue Reading →

Sweet Home.

It's been awhile. I came home for a six week trip that turned into eight and now nine weeks.  I've gotten to see spring come to the US three different times, dyed my hair twice, and spent a lot of... Continue Reading →

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