God asked me to go to Africa when I was in college.  I was already double majoring in Education and Theology and I picked up an ESL certification to teach English as a second language.  It was going to be my “in” to a life in Africa.  But I didn’t go.  Instead I took a position as a high school teacher in northern Illinois and tried to make it my home for seven years.

Then, God led me to join a new church.  At this new church I started hearing God’s voice in new ways.  I could hear him asking me questions.  They started small:  Will you spend more time with me?  Will you believe that I love you just as you are?  Will you serve for a morning at your church?

It was two years into this more intimate phase of my relationship with Jesus that I found out my new church had a Kenya ministry team.  My college dream unfurled and stretched within me.  I joined the team.  Within two months I’d signed up for a short term mission trip with an educational focus.

While preparing for my short trip God asked me another question, “Will you go to Africa?”  My response was, “Of course!  I’m going next month!”  He responded quickly, “No, will you sell everything you have and move there?”

God asked me to go to Africa when I was in college.  I declined.  Seven years later he’s asking again, and my response is, “here I am, send me!”